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Why Wedding Planners ?

As one of the Best Luxury wedding planners in Faridabad we offer all kinds of wedding planning, wedding entertainment, wedding décor, Theme-based couple entry, bride entry and groom entry.

We make an effort to offer the best wedding solutions. Our wedding planning services are impeccable.

Our services come at the most affordable pricing. Happy Times Event is a dedicated group of wedding Planners located in Faridabad and serves the Delhi NCR.

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Is a wedding planner worth it? What's the Best Luxury Wedding Planners in Faridabad take

The expense is by far the biggest drawback of using a wedding planner. Who should hire a wedding planner, then?

  • The couples that can afford it the most should hire a wedding coordinator.
  • Lacking the time (or inclination) to organise their wedding yet intending to have a lavish celebration

In summary, a wedding planner may lessen the emotional and practical stress of organising a significant event where you and your spouse are the focal points if you have the space for one.

A wedding planner isn’t necessary for couples who: 

  • Have reserved an all-inclusive location, meaning one that handles practically every significant wedding component, such as the cake, decor, and catering; 
  • Are accustomed to DIY tasks or have family and friends eager to assist them.
  • Arrange for a more intimate wedding celebration.

Hiring a wedding planner could be more stressful than it’s worth for individuals without additional money in their budgets, especially in terms of your finances.

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Best Luxury Wedding Planners in Delhi NCR

The Most Important Question - Cost of hiring a Wedding Planner

The majority of wedding preparations are taken care of internally in India. The numerous tasks are handled by the uncles, aunts, and friends, and typically (almost 80% of couples don’t hire a wedding planner).

Just a florist, a wedding decorator, a light guy, a DJ, a caterer, and occasionally a wedding stylist are hired. Hiring a wedding planner to handle all aspects of your wedding planning is still a relatively new idea.

We’re back to how much a reputable Indian destination wedding planner costs or charges.

Let’s look at the typical cost of a wedding with up to 200 guests, ranging from Rs. 15 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakhs. (For ease of the calculations, we do not include small or large weddings here)

According to industry standards, a wedding planner should be paid at least 10% to 15% of the budget, often between 1.5 lakhs and five lakhs.

For the information, we are here referring to your definition of a wedding planner, i.e., they will take care of everything from advising on hotels to working on quotes from various properties, getting you the best deal, sourcing suppliers that fit in your budget and meet your expectations, coordinating and executing events, guest management, and the list goes on.

It is even more reason to consider how many tiny functions and traditions Indian weddings have, many of which have larger guest lists! If you are based out of Faridabad, google and look for the best wedding planners in Faridabad.

Best Luxury Wedding Planners in Faridabad

Do wedding planners help with the budget?

Working with a wedding planner might help you save money in ways you might not have anticipated. THIS IS HOW:

Experience May Help You Avoid Expensive Mistakes

Most newly engaged couples have little to no prior wedding planning experience. Sure, they might have assisted a friend, relative, or member of their wedding party, but organising a complete wedding from beginning to end is an entirely other matter.

A wedding planner can help you steer clear of some very expensive blunders. Money equals mistakes. Unread contracts when hiring contractors frequently result in unforeseen costs and add-ons.

Those additional expenses mount up rapidly and may force undesired (and unneeded!) concessions for the budget’s sake. Setting reasonable customer expectations is an important aspect of a planner’s job.

Planners have a variety of cost-saving strategies under their sleeves, thanks to experience. These could involve limiting the number of guests, getting married on a Thursday, or even doing the ceremony in the off-season.

Industry Connections

Years of expertise mean a wedding planner has developed reliable connections with venues and suppliers. Wedding planners get to know certain local businesses and locations better over time. They establish connections and, depending on their success—or lack thereof—recommend using reputable vendors.

Money is Time

The new money in wedding preparation is time. Additionally, your wedding planner can help you save time in that regard.

Wedding Planners in Faridabad

To Conclude, We lavishly plan, arrange, and carry out wedding activities. We attend to every last detail to ensure the event is successful and entertaining. We ensure to follow the client’s requirements and financial projections during the planning process. The satisfaction of our clients and their guests is the fruit of all our effort. In case you are based out of Faridabad, then google and look for the best Luxury wedding planners in Faridabad. To get the exquisite wedding decor search for Best Wedding Decoration in Faridabad.

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FAQs - Best Luxury Wedding Planners in Faridabad

Your budget may change depending on the services and locations you select. You can reach out to us by phone, WhatsApp, or by filling out the form on our website, and one of our staff members will get in touch with you via email to provide a more detailed concept.

Absolutely, we do prepare events like weddings, anniversaries, receptions, and other types of events.

Sure, we do organise events before and after the wedding. If you are looking for Best Wedding Planners in Faridabad google or visit us.

Yes of course, Luxury Wedding Planners in Faridabad offer a variety of catering services based on the requirements and cultural traditions of a specific wedding.

Each wedding requires us to work in small groups, which is important. Before organising and executing out your wedding, Best Wedding Planners in Faridabad evaluate its needs, resources, goals, and cultural aspects.

A Luxury Wedding Planner in Faridabad manages all of your wedding’s specifics, including welcoming guests, reserving rooms for them, booking the wedding site and other activities, selecting the menu, managing the DJ and band, looking after the guests, helping with the bride’s shopping, dressing her up, entertaining the attendees, and every other task you’ve hired them for.

Before paying the advance, contact to the clients they have already served, look into their website reviews, and visit their office to verify their reputation. You can find the Luxury Wedding Planners in Faridabad by asking your friends who have used their services in the past and are now suggesting them to you.

At least three months before to the main functions, a Best Wedding Planners in Faridabad should be appointed. Some couples even make their appointments with them a year in advance to ensure that they get the finest venue, catering, purchasing, beauty, and other activities. Luxury Wedding Planners in Faridabad closely work with hotels, decorators, designers, beauticians, photographers, mehndi artists, musicians, and other vendors. If you book Best Wedding Planners in Faridabad in advance, you will get a good deal at a reasonable price. More rushed the event is, the more expensive and chaotic it becomes.

Normally, you shouldn’t ever work with a wedding planner who hasn’t organised at least ten to twenty weddings with the size and price range you’re thinking of. But, if you are looking for a lavish destination wedding and have a strong budget, they may not be the ideal option for you. There are many excellent wedding planners who can organise amazing budget weddings. Choose a wedding planner in Faridabad who has expertise with events of a comparable scale and scope as those you have in mind.

When you employ a Best Wedding Planner in Faridabad, their services may include photography, food, a DJ or musician, arranging for beauticians for the bride, groom, and their families, booking lodging for the guests, and coordinating pick-up and drop-offs.

The wedding planner should be knowledgeable about the location where they will be organizing the event. Since it will be expensive to send so many staff members from Delhi to the venue, they must have strong bonds with the hotels, caterers, light men, florists, plumbers, handymen, chef, etc. in that region. Luxury Wedding Planners in Faridabad should be familiar with all aspects of Delhi if that is where the wedding will take place.