Best Luxury Wedding Planners in Delhi NCR

What is a Wedding Planner?

One of the most important and joyful occasions in a couple’s lives is their wedding. It may, however, also be one of the most demanding. A wedding planner provides assistance to couples with the organization, administration, and planning of their wedding.

Throughout the planning process, brides and grooms rely on their wedding planner to be a soothing influence and a voice of reason you are in Delhi NCR or Faridabad then look for Best Wedding Planners in Delhi NCR or Best Marriage Planners in Delhi NCR.

Happy Time Events is your one-stop shop for organizing enjoyable events and making lasting memories. We are dedicated to providing great services and planning particularly for your requirements. Our skilled staff is continually striving for perfection and making your aspirations a reality.

We endeavor to satisfy all of your desires by paying close attention to detail and ensuring that all of your demands are met.
We take pleasure in being one of the best wedding planners in Delhi, and we offer a wide range of wedding planning services, including décor, food, photography, videography, and much more. That is the reason we have been rated as one of the Best Luxury wedding planners in Delhi NCR

We recognize that competent wedding planners might be difficult to locate, but don’t worry, we’ve here to assure your peace of mind.

Wedding Planner in Delhi NCR​

Reasons to Hire Top Wedding Planner​s in Delhi NCR

Wedding Planning has always been a great experience for us. Regardless of how much money you are thinking of spending on your wedding, we have experience and can help you attain the quality you desire.

At Happy Times Event, we work with you to create wedding memories that you and your guests will always remember. We search for approaches to get fresh concepts for amazing wedding arrangements.

From older to newer, below is a list of wedding themes. Luxury Wedding Planning, Jaimala themes, Live Bands, Bride Entry, Catering Services, Wedding DJs, Light and Sound, Decorations, Groom entry, Fireworks, Dance Groups, Anchors, Singers, Artists, Wedding Venues, etc., are among the services we offer for wedding preparation.

Due to our professional approach we were deservingly awarded as Best Wedding Planner in Delhi NCR by ADFocus Media.

Best Luxury Wedding Planners in Delhi NCR

Wedding Planners at a Glance

Here is a brief outline of the things wedding planners will do:

  • Managing first meetings with clients to go over the many wedding packages, a la carte planning, preferred style, wedding budget, etc.
  • Talk to couples about the specifics of their wedding, such as venue choices, entertainment, and food.
  • Create design components for all wedding events, such as color schemes, décor rentals, lighting, and overall aesthetic features.
  • If desired, make plans for a site inspection. Make appointments with suppliers including photographers, videographers, florists, décor companies, DJs, dhol musicians, etc. for in-person or online video conferencing.
  • Working with the vendor team to negotiate contracts and keeping track of needed payments and deadlines to ensure that no deadline is ever missed.
  • Ensuring that all plans are made to transport and set up the appropriate wedding goods and equipment on time.
  • Getting up early (often around 3 or 4 AM) to ensure that the morning event décor is being put up as planned for the main event, which is typically the wedding ceremony.

If you are in Delhi NCR or Faridabad then look for Best Wedding Planner in Delhi NCR or Best Marriage Planners in Delhi NCR

Best Luxury Wedding Planners in Delhi NCR

Why pick Happy Times as your Luxury Wedding Planner?

We are regarded as the Best Luxury Wedding Planners in Delhi NCR for numerous reasons. Whether you are planning a wedding in Delhi-NCR or planning for a destination wedding, our tenured team assists you in making the necessary arrangements.

Happy Times Event as a wedding planner in Delhi NCR takes on the duty of developing and managing it from the beginning, so that you can enjoy the ceremony.

As one of the best wedding planners in Delhi NCR, we make every effort to make your wedding even more beautiful than you have ever imagined it to be.

All you need to do is let us know what’s on your mind and what you expect to spend on the wedding. We recognize every wedding annoyance and provide unique, handcrafted solutions. We emphasize the small things that transform your wedding ceremony from clever to a dream come true!

To provide a flawless wedding, we offer you the best of our resources, contacts, hierarchical abilities, and all the necessary wedding administrations, such as beautification, logistics, and so forth. Our Event Supervisors & professionals work tirelessly to ensure that their Delhi-NCR area event planners, wedding planners, and decorators work by the clients’ directives.

Best Luxury Wedding Planners in Faridabad

Wedding planner services list

Photography and Videography

Wedding Planner’s first role is to create memory with, by capturing them in photographs and videos, we make sure they become a part of your memories, allowing you to remember and cherish them for a very long time.Our goal is to comprehend and share the innumerable moments of life that we may capture.

Our skilled team uses the greatest equipment, has an eye for aesthetics, and produces stunning images and videos that capture the moment.Trust us with your photography and video needs, and we’ll be able to provide you with amazing memories to understand and cherish. That’s why you can always trust the Best Wedding Planner in Delhi – NCR

Wedding Entertainment

Music may be heard anywhere an entertainment event is taking place. It’s important to reinforce your wedding’s hallmark songs to invigorate conversation when dining, to be energetic throughout mixed beverages, and to line the tendency for movement during service. Behind talking about you, our concern can deal with these aspects of your music impersonation.

Without a doubt, we believe in the power of music. One of the finest ways to personalize your wedding is through the mood you create with music. This music may be provided by a live band, a DJ, belly dancers, a group of artisans, or a combination of things.

Your style and feelings will be addressed by our expertise, which is unusually related to artists. Happy Times as Best Wedding Planner in Delhi – NCR will understand and fulfil your needs.

Wedding Planners in Faridabad
Wedding Planner in Delhi NCR​

Jaimala Themes

Jai Mala, as everyone knows, is when everyone’s heart starts beating rapidly, their breath stops, their eyes widen, and their grins become more expressive. Right now, time is standing still. By addressing specific topics, we make this valuable minute bigger and more significant.

  • Revolving stage themed
  • Book themed
  • Lotus Themed
  • Space Themed
  • Kalash Themed
  • Book Themed
  • Horse carriage themed
  • LED wall themed
  • Open heart themed
  • Crane themed
  • Moon entry themed
  • Diamond Themed
  • Shell shape themed
  • Hydraulic stage themed
  • Mandir themed
  • Rajwada stage themed
  • Ambi themed

Specialized Catering

Happy Times Event, Best wedding planner in Delhi NCR offers you a well-chosen food administration service for your event that will leave your guests wanting more.

We provide a perfect menu prepared with fresh garden ingredients to your preferences. Every dish on our varied menu has been prepared to absolute perfection. With outright authentic cooking and wonderful supplying food administration, your event will become a devouring memory for your guests.

Wedding Venues

Happy Times Event is a spearhead event management company that provides an alternative approach to the venue and office management. Our talented team has the best skills to manage your venues to make your events successful.

Achievement is achieved using proven administrative techniques to produce the most extreme outcomes. We value customer relationships and client service. Based on this philosophy, we strive to provide our clients with the finest service possible, including total satisfaction.

Wedding home Decor

Every color is present at the home where the wedding is taking place. It is a fantasy come true for family members and the happy woman or lucky guy. Rangolis, an outdoor pathway, cover for mehndi, and so on.

Your creative energy will gain shades thanks to our skills. Our thoughtful arrangement will reflect your unique flair with delicate love. We’ll use fabric and blossom wreaths to create the illusion of a rainbow in your house.

Wedding Planner in Delhi NCR​

And much more. You will receive guidance on wedding etiquette, design concepts, themes, and traditions, supplier selection, venue selection, budget planning, and much more. As a result, you will be able to unwind and enjoy the lead-up to your wedding, confident that you will have everything you need for your ideal day and, most importantly, stay within budget. If you are in Faridabad then look for Best Wedding Planners in Faridabad or Best Marriage Planner in Delhi NCR. To get the exquisite wedding decor search for Best Wedding Decoration in Faridabad. If anyone looking for Best DJ in Faridabad For Wedding, Sangeet & Mehndi also Wedding Entertainment Services then google and check for the best. If you are looking for Best Caterers in Faridabad then Happy Times Event will be the best choice.

If you are in and around Faridabad and looking for Best Wedding Photographers in Faridabad then you are at right place


FAQs - Best Luxury Wedding Planners in Delhi NCR

Your budget may differ based on the services and locations you pick. To get a more detailed concept, you can contact us by phone, WhatsApp, or by filling out the form on our website. Luxury Wedding Planners in Delhi NCR team will then get in touch with you via email.

Sure, we do prepare events like weddings, receptions, anniversaries, and various other celebrations.

Yes of course, we do organise pre- and post-wedding celebrations.

Sure, Best Wedding Planners in Delhi NCR offer a variety of catering services depending on the requirements and culture of a particular wedding.

We work in small groups, which are essential to every wedding. Before we design and implement out your wedding, Best Luxury Wedding Planners in Delhi NCR evaluate its requirements, budget, expectations, and cultural context.

A Luxury Wedding Planners in Delhi NCR handles all the details of your wedding, including inviting your guests, booking their lodging, reserving the location of your wedding and other events, choosing the menu, managing the DJ and band, looking after the guests, assisting with the bride’s shopping and getting her ready, entertaining the guests, and anything else you’ve hired them for. Please check wedding planner services list in Faridabad to get best results

Talk to the clients they have already served, look up their online evaluations, visit their office to assess their reputation, and look up any police complaints and online complaints against them before paying the advance. Your friends may be able to recommend the Luxury Wedding Planners in Delhi NCR to you if they have used their services in the past.

It is recommended to employ a Best Wedding Planner in Delhi NCR at least three months before the main celebration. To guarantee they get the perfect location, food, shopping, beauty, and other experiences, some people even hire them a year in advance. The hotels, decorators, designers, beauticians, photographers, mehndi artists, musicians, etc. are all in contact with Luxury Wedding Planners in Delhi NCR.

Although there are many excellent wedding planners who can put together wonderful weddings on a tight budget, they might not be the ideal option for you if you’re hoping for a grandiose destination wedding and have a large budget.

Some of the services that are part of the package when you hire Top Wedding Planner in Delhi NCR include photography, catering services, a DJ or musician, arranging for beauticians for the bride, groom, and their families, booking accommodations for the guests, and arranging for their pickups and drops from the railway stations/airports.

The Luxury Wedding Planner in Delhi NCR should have extensive knowledge of the location they will be using for the event. Making so many staff members go from Delhi to the venue will be rather expensive, so they need to have solid relationships with the hotels, caterers, light men, florists, plumbers, handymen, chefs, etc. of that location. They should be familiar with the entire city if Delhi is the location of the wedding.